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Our kufis are available on Etsy in Made-To-Order and Ready-Made options. While you can have a large range of color options you can choose from in Made-To-Order listings, the time it takes to make the kufi can vary from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on availability of said color thread. Ready-Made listings are for kufis already made and ready to be shipped out in 1 to 2 business days. Ready-Made listings are not always available.

Our Made-To-Order Listings

C3 Filet Kufi Classic

C3 Filet Kufi Mosaic

C3 Filet Kufi Khatam

C10 Filet Kufi Arches

C5 Filet Kufi Khatam

Excellent quality. This was a very good value.

WOLFMUZIC, Etsy Customer

I could not be happier with this kufi. It is one that I have been looking for a long time and this seller did an excellent job. She did not have my extra large size in stock so she had to start from scratch. Excellent work! Thank you

jassad50, Etsy Customer

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