Crochet Patterns for Making Your Own Kufi

Writing kufi patterns have always been the main focus for Muslim Stitchcraft.

Our goal is to write quality kufi patterns that anyone could create beautiful handmade treasures from.

Creating for loved ones

When I started my crochet journey, there was a noticable lack of instructions on how to make kufis, let alone in English. I planned since then to provide patterns that follow my standards for what I would want in a pattern:

  • Written instructions with clear directions.
  • A gauge to tell you if you are on the right track.
  • Visual guides like photos and diagrams.
  • Customer Service, someone there to help if you run into a snag!

Who can make or wear a Kufi?

Anyone! While the kufi is traditionally worn by Muslim men, you may see men and women of any culture wearing what is essentially a brimless, short and rounded cap.

There is no restriction on who can make a kufi, so yes you can make one for your Muslim neighbor/friend. The requirements for making one is the same as with making most hats for others:

  • It should be made with reasonable yarn/thread. If it is hot, a wool/acrylic cap may not feel as good as a cotton/bamboo one.
  • A real desire to do good and make something special for someone you’re thinking of.
  • Attention to size, when making wearables, they are sometimes hilariously too big or too small.